Architectural Guide Yangon
An architectural guide book to the former capital of Myanmar or Burma, as it was previously known. Published with DOM publishers in Berlin, I co-authored the book and supplied all the photographs featured in it. The entire contents of the book can now be found on a website that I have created:

A new video produced for Tokyo IT company Eyesaac, whose CEO also generously supported our Yangon Architecture project. Speakers or headphones highly recommended!

Directed and shot by Manuel Oka
Sound by Robert Eisermann:

Visit EYESAAC System Technologies online:

First performance of REKARO at the club night "Rumble In The Jungle" at Tokyo's Trump Room.

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Promotional video and a tribute to the Union Cabin's movie nights and its crew. It marks the end to our second living room in Tokyo but is just the beginning of greater things.

Music: Jesus Salinas